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It’s freezing today in Buffalo, NY, but you wouldn’t know it from the fire local heavy metal group Wasted Space are releasing.

Winter is a difficult time to find the energy to do anything, but Wasted Space will get you up off the couch. Their newest EP, ‘Never Odd or Even,’ is a collection of fervent riffs, heartfelt vocals, and raucous grooves that make for a truly engaging listen.

Like all the best bands, Wasted Space truly makes good use of each musician’s peculiar talents. Drummer Collin Folger switches between time signatures with ease while bassist Lee Zahwickey brings a funk style to compliment those grooves. Guitarist Jeremy Swartout’s history as a rhythm guitarist brings an edge to his lead-work in Wasted Space, and vocalist Matthew Lupkin brings a melodic flavor to his screams and growls.

‘Never Odd or Even’ showcases exactly what four motivated, talented people can achieve. Opener ‘Gone Now, I’m Guessing’ shifts from a Midwestern emo style into a screaming cacophony of sound abruptly, yet the band makes it sound so natural. Lupkin’s ability to write heart-tugging melodies and deliver bloodcurdling howls often without seconds of each other is a feat unto itself, and adds dimension and color to the band’s sound. Folger pummels his kit on these recordings, propelling the band forward into heightened fury on the single ‘First Time I Met You’. Swartout’s freakout solo in ‘My Mind Decaying’ is a highlight of the EP. The final track ‘Easier Than You’d Expect’ provides a fitting parallel to ‘Gone Now, I’m Guessing,’ with a soft, emo-ish guitar riff offering a reprieve after an onslaught of riffage.

Every second of this EP is perfectly placed. This is a band that knows their strengths and uses those strengths to create the best music they can. Wasted Space is kicking off the year with a bang. Listen to the EP below, and stick around for an interview with the band!

Did you go into the studio with the songs pretty much fully realized, or did some spontaneous arranging happen?

The songs were pretty well formulated and planned out by the time we got into the studio. Little things here and there were changed, like the length of a certain part or a lyric but overall the songs were all completely demoed out by the time we got in studio, although the writing and demoing process did take quite a toll on all of us.

“‘Never Odd Or Even’ is a concept EP”

This is your first EP since 2020’s ‘I Repeat Myself When I Am In Distress, I Repeat Myself When I Am In Distress, I Repe….’ How did you know you had another EP in the works and not just a couple singles? What made these songs work so well together?

After putting out a slew of singles mid pandemic we wanted to switch gears and try something with a more artistic vision, ‘Never Odd Or Even’ is a concept EP where each song was written and placed in a particular order.

What made you decide to bookend the EP with these softer riffs? It really helps to take listeners on a journey!

To expand more on the concept mentioned above, the reasoning behind ending and beginning on those chords was to create a feel that the EP never ends, it just loops. Much like life does, never ending and never beginning, only constantly repeating itself with the same experiences over and over.

Any touring in the works for 2023? Where can we expect to find you this year?

We will be playing the Funk’n waffle on March 17th in Syracuse and Mohawk place in buffalo on march 18th, but as for a full tour, keep an eye on our socials for some time in fall we may or may not have something new to all show you all by then as well….

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“Wasted Space is a band full of timbres and rawness, chemistry, and beautiful biophonic expressions of pain.” Wasted Space is a heavy metal quartet that hails from the icy tundra of Buffalo, New York.


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